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6 Insane Forgein Memes

If you think planking and flash mobs are crazy, just wait till you see these outrageous memes from other countries.

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8 People Kicked Off Planes For Dumb Reasons

If you are one of the many people who believes the TSA and other airline agencies have gotten ridiculous by now, you’re not alone, but once you’re on the plane, you aren’t necessarily safe. Here are 8 stories of people who have been kicked off planes for idiotic reasons.

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6 Ass-Kicking Seniors

When a group of thieves ran up to a jewelry store and started smashing the windows with sledgehammers, most people sat back and watched…except an older woman named Ann Timson. Timson ran at the men and started wailing on them with her purse until they rode off on their scooters. Learn more about seniors who could kick your ass in this Cracked article.

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Who Said It: Hunter Or Charlie?

They’re both known for their rock and roll lifestyles and bizarre ramblings, so can you tell the who said these 15 quotes, Hunter S. Thompson or Charlie Sheen?

[mtouchquiz 1]

Image via Eexlebots [Flickr]

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The Weirdest Insurance Policies Ever

If you were so religious and so conceited that you were really convinced that the second coming of Christ would involve you or one of your sisters, wouldn’t you be excited and not be running out to get insurance against the miracle? Three women from England weren’t and they’re not alone in their purchases of insane insurance policies.

Image via dshaboy [Flickr]

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One Thing The TSA Could Prevent

While the TSA has managed to prove its uselessness and incompetence time and time again, here’s one accident they could have actually done something about. So sure, having to throw away water bottles and nail clippers is idiotic, at least bag X Rays ensure no one smuggles a live crocodile onto a plane which will terrify everyone and cause 20 people to die in a crash. Funny enough, I think this is the nicest thing I’ve said about the organization ever.


Man Lives With Poisonous Snakes

David Jones really wants people to better understand snakes, so he opted to beat the world record of living with poisonous snakes and took residence with cobras, asps, black mambas and more for 121 days. Read more about it here.


Turning Jell-O Shots Into An Artform

Most Jell-O shots look generic and taste like rubbing alcohol. I thought I did quite well when I made delicious raspberry watermelon Midori Jell-O in a brain mold from Neatorama, but I’ve got nothing on these artistic beauties seen on My Jello Americans. The one above, titled Let Sleeping Gnomes Lie, includes graham crackers, green food dye, chocolate mushrooms, vodka and Mexican drink mix amongst other ingredients. The result is a Jell-O shot that’s almost a shame to eat…almost.

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Wikipedia Is EVIL

At least, if you’re a Republican. Senate candidate Andy Martin says the free encyclopedia is actually “a tax-exempt protosocialist scam that seeks to harass Republicans, conservatives and Obama opponents.” He’s actually suing the site for fraud. He goes on to say that both Wikipedia and Wikimedia are “anti-conservative, anti-Republican and anti-Obama opponent smear operations.” This all coming from someone who still doesn’t believe the president is a U.S. citizen. Gee, I wonder why this nutjob is losing so badly at the polls so far.


Chicken Fried Bacon -Whaaa


America’s bacon obsession is getting to be a little too much. At least when sushi was the hip new thing it wouldn’t kill you with heart-clogging fat. I rest my case with this photo of chicken fried bacon which certainly sounds delicious, but like it would kill you after eating it for a week straight. Thanks Flickr.