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Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes

The fact that Mr. Sheen is so down to appear on a comedy video like this one, making fun of his own weird and erratic behavior makes me wonder if this whole insanity thing has all been a ruse. Perhaps he needed a way to get out of his contract with Two and A Half Men or maybe he just knew it would help boost his faltering career. (He did recently get a Guinness Book record for shortest time to amass one million followers.) Whatever it is, I feel we will eventually have a Joaquin Phoenix moment when we all realize that he’s been putting on an act the entire time.

What do you think?

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The Charlie Sheen Quote Generator

Personally, I’ve found myself being one of the handful of people that’s actually backing Team Sheen right now -if for no other reason than the fact that Two and A Half Men was one of the biggest steaming piles on television and anyone who is able to stop production is a friend of mine.

Even so, his lunacy is pretty damn hilarious and the Charlie Sheen Quote Generator is a great way to pass the time by enjoying the best of the worst Sheen quotes from the last month or so.

Here’s one of my faves, “I’m rolling out magic, bro.” Yes you are Charlie, yes you are.

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Who Said It: Hunter Or Charlie?

They’re both known for their rock and roll lifestyles and bizarre ramblings, so can you tell the who said these 15 quotes, Hunter S. Thompson or Charlie Sheen?

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