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8 People Kicked Off Planes For Dumb Reasons

If you are one of the many people who believes the TSA and other airline agencies have gotten ridiculous by now, you’re not alone, but once you’re on the plane, you aren’t necessarily safe. Here are 8 stories of people who have been kicked off planes for idiotic reasons.

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Texas Proposes To Criminalize TSA Actions

A proposed Texas law would illegalize searching someone without reason to believe he or she was guilty of a crime and would prevent touching anyone’s genitals, even through clothing. Let’s hope their law passes and that the rest of the nation follows suit.

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Restaurant Refuses To Serve TSA

How can you take a stand against the TSA without ending up on the no-fly list? Deny them service at your restaurant. If enough people refused to work with the agents, people will stop accepting jobs as TSA workers -and the government will have to rethink their idiotic policies.

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The TSA’s Definately Gone Wild

TSA Gone Wild
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Alaska is not only the largest state in America, it is bigger than California, Texas and Montana combined. –Source

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