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It All Makes Sense Now

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not -either way, awesome.

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Like Cool Stuff? You’re Going To Hell

Funny enough, I would think this list came out of the fifties if it didn’t have Harry Potter and Twilight on there.

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How To Explain Gay Rights To Morons

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Guido Jesus Is Kind of A Jerk

Check out more over at BuzzFeed.

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Pastafarian Driver’s License

An Australian Austrian driver recently won the right to wear a spaghetti strainer on his head in his driver’s license as part of his Pastafarian religion.

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Even The KKK Hates Westboro

When the Westboro Baptist Church came out to protest on Memorial Day, they had one surprising group of counterprotesters come out against them –the KKK.

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Cheesiest Jesus Image Ever

Is it just me, or is someone other than Christ playing fast and loose with the cheese on that thing?

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“Footprints” For Jedis

For those of you familiar with the old inspirational Christian tale “Footprints,” here’s the Jedi version. Anyone ready to make it into a cross stitch?

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The Weirdest Insurance Policies Ever

If you were so religious and so conceited that you were really convinced that the second coming of Christ would involve you or one of your sisters, wouldn’t you be excited and not be running out to get insurance against the miracle? Three women from England weren’t and they’re not alone in their purchases of insane insurance policies.

Image via dshaboy [Flickr]

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Steve Martin’s Athiest Gospel Song

Because athiests don’t have any good songs about their religion.