Food Geekery

Bacon Roses

These are quite possibly the sweetest way to start off breakfast in bed, ever.

Food Funny Sickening

A Cabin Made From Bacon

I’m suddenly hungry and repulsed at the same time.

Food Holidays

Meat Nativity Scene

O Come All Ye Bacon!


Bacon Mug With Cheese


Who’s looking for a good heart attack? This mug of bacon is actually functional and holds hot cheese.


Crazy Hot Dogs…Yummy


Or at least, some of them look yummy -like this one with bacon, avacado and sour cream. The corn on the cob surrounded by bacon, hot dogs, cheese sticks and ground beef before it is deepfried is another story. Anyway, they’re all worth taking a big meatly look at.


Chicken Fried Bacon -Whaaa


America’s bacon obsession is getting to be a little too much. At least when sushi was the hip new thing it wouldn’t kill you with heart-clogging fat. I rest my case with this photo of chicken fried bacon which certainly sounds delicious, but like it would kill you after eating it for a week straight. Thanks Flickr.


Bacon bath salt recipe

I added my bacon bath salt recipe to eHow. If you want to make your own, now you can!

New Products or Services

Getting Crafty With It

So I was totally inspired by my own article about bacon and have created the first ever bacon scented bath crystals. They’re for sale on Etsy if you’re interested in smelling like your favorite meat. They’re just perfect for that obsessive carnivore on your list.

Buy them!

Politics Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

New I.S. Article

I’m really proud of my newest InventorSpot article. It’s about 10 bacon products that have no actual food in them. While it’s not an item, I love the last picture in the peice enough to post it up here. It’s all about bacon defeating fries, although a bacon topped fries would be the ultimate power in office.