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You Will Never Win With Grumpy Cat Dungeon Master


You can get this delightfully cruel D&D Grumpy Cat shirt from Off World Designs.

Via The Mary Sue

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The IKEA Monkey Air Freshener


Your car is currently missing two things…first, the smell of lingonberries. Secondly, it’s missing a cute little monkey in a quite dapper coat. Fortunately, Archie McPhee is there to help with this air freshener that comes in the shape of said monkey and smells like the lingonberries served at your favorite IKEA.

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You Can Finally Cuddle With Grumpy Cat


If you’re like me, seeing Tard’s little grumpy face just makes you want to hug her. That’s why this Grumpy Cat plush is such a great idea.

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Need: Grumpy Cat Le Miserable Pin


Oh Tard, everything you touch with your grumpy face becomes precious.

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Tard May Look Grumpy, But He’s Really Just Fine

You’ve probably seen Tard the cat in memes, but now you know that he’s actually just a happy little guy who happens to have a grumpy-looking face.

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If Memes Had Movie Posters

They would almost certainly look like this poster series by Stefan Von Zoggel.

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More Pepper Spraying Cop Meme

They’re so funny because they’re just so wrong.

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42 Great Scumbag Steve Spinoffs

Damn scumbag couch. There are plenty more spinoffs at BuzzFeed.

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The Best of Tea Party Ted Meme

The hypocrisy would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn depressing.

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The World’s Most Fashionable Kitty

Luna was born to be a star, or at least to look like one. The result is a hilarious collection of gooberisticly cute kitty fashion photos.