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6 Ass-Kicking Seniors

When a group of thieves ran up to a jewelry store and started smashing the windows with sledgehammers, most people sat back and watched…except an older woman named Ann Timson. Timson ran at the men and started wailing on them with her purse until they rode off on their scooters. Learn more about seniors who could kick your ass in this Cracked article.

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Why Do Old Ladies Dye Their Hair Blue?

Have you ever wondered why old ladies sometimes have blue or purple hair? As it turns out, there are motives and mistakes that lead to the hair bluing. First off, many older women find their hair starts turning an ivory/yellow color that is hardly attractive.

To fix this, many of them turn to blue hair rinses that can balance out the yellow color…unfortunately, as you age, your eyes become less sensitive to the color blue so many of them use way too much blue rinse. In their eyes, their hair is a nice, even shade of white, while the rest of us see a bright blue mess.

Blue hair is becoming less common these days because fewer people smoke, reducing yellowing of the hair, and because better home hair dyes are available, so fewer women run the risk of bluing their locks with a rinse.

Images via Andersedin and Blue Diamond Photography [Flickr]


NOT What Jessica Rabbit Should Look Like

Ever wonder what Jessica rabbit would look like in real life? It certainly wouldn’t be the way this 57 year-old great-grandmother looks after multiple plastic surgeries to look like her cartoon hero. Disturbingly, Playboy has contacted her about doing a spread.