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Win Christmas This Year With This Stormtrooper Sled


It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but experts are already arguing over what will be the hottest toys of the holiday season. Many have their money on the remote-controlled BB-8 that can be controlled with a smartphone. All experts agree that anything Star Wars is a pretty safe bet when it comes to the most popular toys of the season. That being said, if I was a kid, I’d be all about this amazing Star Wars sled for sale on It not only looks cool, but it can also be controlled with handlebars, making it a lot easier to operate than classic sleds. The fact that it’s only $100 also makes it a much more practical toy than many of the other options out there.

Heck, I only wish it had a higher carrying capacity than 150 pounds so I could use it even now as an adult. If I could just lose a few dozen pounds I’d be good to go.

(This post has been sponsored by, though I really do endorse this awesome product)

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These Nesting Dolls Are Seriously Amazing



Pow! Bam! Splat! Just look at how great these cool Batman nesting dolls are. You can get your own and see them in person at Gallery 1988.

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To Bravely Go Where No Mailbox Has Gone Before

I have no idea where this amazing tribute to Star Trek happens to be located, but it is certainly impressive.

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A Holiday To Get Behind

Blogs provide their readers wit countless hours of free enjoyment, but if you really love your favorite blogs, then why not thank the author with a little gift. November 29’s Pay a Blogger Day asks you to give just a little to those who give you so much free content all year long.

If you want to thank this blogger, you can always send a little something to her paypal at or you could send me something on my Amazon wishlist.

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18 Artworks Inspired By Bill Murray

BuzzFeed has a fun collection of artworks inspired by one of the greatest comedic actors of all time, Bill Murray. Enjoy them!

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Awesome Zombie Sandals

I love the zombie selection at the Neatoshop, but a lot of the items aren’t all the necessary for my everyday life. On the other hand, these zombie foot slippers sure are.

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More Awesome Fan Art

I know I’ve been posting at least one fan art gallery per week on the site lately, but that’s because so many of them are so awesome -like this great image of Van Gogh’s nightmares. So enjoy another one!

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More Delightful Pop Culture Ponies

Mari Kasurinen is a great designer of My Little Ponies and her website gallery is filled with fun and delightful ones like this.

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Awesome 8 Bit Art

If you grew up playing video games in the 80’s, then you’re bound to have a great appreciation for the capabilities of 8 bit artworks like these.

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Go Pirate Yourself

No, seriously, go make yourself a pirate like my boyfriend in this picture.