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The 12 Creepiest YouTube Videos

If you enjoy watching convicted sex offenders sing “Pretty Woman” and watching grown men hump inflated toys, then you’ll love this list of the creepiest YouTube videos ever.

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Sex In the Middle Ages

You probably already know that in the middle ages sex was looked down upon by the church, but people still had carnal desires. In fact, the dildo was actually invented back in these dark ages. Learn more over on Oddee.

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Sexy Costumes That Shouldn’t Exist

I know Halloween is far away and even Comic Con isn’t for another few months now, but it’s never too early to reflect on just how bad the sexy costume industry has gotten.

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14 Unexpectedly Naughty Products

Check out my newest Oddee article, which depicts 14 products you never would have guessed have ulterior sexual uses.

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Playboy Takes On Tron

If you never thought Tron was sexy, check out this Playboy series and you’ll change your mind.

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Ever So Strange

For those readers who love the animal kingdom, but prefer to hear about its oddities over its deadliness, may I suggest Ever So Strange, a brilliant animal blog that specializes in the weirdest natural occurrences on earth.

Not only is the content great, but the writing is delightful. Just check out this excerpt on the sex life of the leopard slug:

They slide down their mucus string, and in mid air each with its enormous penis unsheathed from their head, their kilt-tilters tangle and wind around one another, much in the same way as the slugs themselves. The penises fan out into a rather smashing flower-like structure and they can at this stage exchange sperm. Sometimes the penises will become so entangled that apophallation is the only way to go… one will chew off the others penis. The de-tallywhackered slug will still be able to mate, just only as a lady. Usually, and indeed thankfully, it doesn’t always have to come to this.

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The Hickey of Death

Ok, to be fair, “The Hickey of Paralysis” might be a little more accurate, but it certainly doesn’t sound as cool. It all started when a woman in New Zealand got a hickey from her boyfriend that happened to occur just on top of a major artery. A few days latter, she suffered a stroke that left her temporarily partially paralyzed. As it turns out, the hickey caused a clot in her neck that released and entered her heart, causing the stroke.

I guess if you really want to practice safe sex these days, hickeys and kisses should be out of the question.

Image via Janek B. [Wikipedia]

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Air Sex Championships 2010

Like watching porno actresses work but hate the actual sex? Then the Air Sex World Championships are right down your alley.

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Man Recreates Ex As A Sex Doll

When a normal person loses his girlfriend, he is forced to get over her. But when a ridiculously rich man gets dumped, he has options.  A 50 year old man who was recently rejected took a play right out or Lars and The Real Girl by recreating his girlfriend as a realistic sex doll with all of her best virtues, only bigger breasts. Let’s just hope he’s at least not taking her out on dates.

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Disturbing Goatse MacBook Decal

Personally, I would never want to walk around with a computer that has a gaping asshole on the front. If you are a member of 4 Chan or just love sick internet memes like two girls and one cup though, this decal would serve an additional purpose for you –no one would ever steal your laptop.