Animals Nature Sickening Wildlife

The World’s Nastiest Animal Defenses

This gull is puking foul smelling oil that will actually kill most sea birds. Shockingly, that’s not even one of the top 5 grossest animal defenses in this Cracked article.

Funny Interesting Sickening

The World’s Grossest PC Case Mod

Geekosystem has a lot of other great case mods, but none of the others are this nasty.

Food Funny Sickening

A Cabin Made From Bacon

I’m suddenly hungry and repulsed at the same time.

Fashion Funny Geekery

15 Funny Baby Shirts

If you’re a big fan of infant fashion, you probably won’t like this post I wrote for Oddee that displays 15 of the funniest baby shirts ever. If you like raunchy or geeky jokes though, you probably will.


NOT What Jessica Rabbit Should Look Like

Ever wonder what Jessica rabbit would look like in real life? It certainly wouldn’t be the way this 57 year-old great-grandmother looks after multiple plastic surgeries to look like her cartoon hero. Disturbingly, Playboy has contacted her about doing a spread.

Sex Sickening Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Disturbing Goatse MacBook Decal

Personally, I would never want to walk around with a computer that has a gaping asshole on the front. If you are a member of 4 Chan or just love sick internet memes like two girls and one cup though, this decal would serve an additional purpose for you –no one would ever steal your laptop.


Back Boobs Make Me Barf


You have to wonder if she realized her back looks like nasty jugs or not? Thanks Yesbutnobutyes.


Raunchy Sculptures By David Cerny


These sculptures by David Cerny are absolutely filthy dirty, which of course means I love them! Check out the whole gallery.