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20 Seriously Strange Twitter Pics

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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The Things Nightmares Are Made Of

This monkey mask show featured on Boing Boing might just be the ultimate blend of utterly disturbing and bizarrely adorable.

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14 Unexpectedly Naughty Products

Check out my newest Oddee article, which depicts 14 products you never would have guessed have ulterior sexual uses.

Art Interesting Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

10 Strange Fetus Products

My newest Oddee article features 10 utterly bizarre fetus products like this fetus Hello Kitty. Enjoy.

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20 Hilarious Fortune Cookies

While some of these are obviously impacted by the language barrier, some are just plain weird.

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10 Seriously Strange Burlesque Acts

Ever wanted to see biblical characters shake it like there’s no tomorrow? Then you’ll love the bible-themed burlesque show. This great Oddee article has 9 other utterly strange burlesque show themes. Enjoy.

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The Best Picture On The Internet? might just live up to its name.

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The Grossest Cookbooks Ever

A roadkill cookbook? Seriously, and there are more that are just as weird.

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Doctor Who Marrying His Own Daughter

Now matter how you slice it, David Tennant’s recent engagement to Georgia Moffat is pretty darn strange. It has nothing to do with their age difference or the jealousies of so many single women. Instead it has everything to do with Doctor Who.

In the show, Georgia played the daughter of The Doctor (played by Tennant). In real life, Georgia is the daughter of Peter Davidson, who played the fifth incarnation of the Doctor. That means that either way, The Doctor is marrying his daughter.

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The World’s Strangest Bug

I can’t help but agree with BoingBoing when they say that the treehopper looks like something you’d expect Dali to have created. Surprisingly, it is 100% real.