Adorable Animals Before and After They Grew Up


If there’s one thing all parents seem to agree on about their kids, it’s that they all just grow up so fast. The same is even more true with pets who often reach full size in only one year whereas kids take up toforteen years to do so. That’s why we love these great pictures of pets that show the difference a few years can make with our furry friends.


The pictures also are a great reminder that as adorable as puppies and kitties are, full-sized pooches and felines are also pretty precious -and as you’ve built up that bond over time, you’ll probably always think your own little fur ball is even more wonderful than ever before.


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10 Animals Caught on Google’s Street Car


From an ostrich running down the road alongside cars to  a frog on the lens of the Google Street car’s camera, some of these animal spottings are hilarious. Be warned though, there are a few dead critters in the post as well.

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41 Gorgeous Birds

If you’ve had your fill of cats and dogs, then try these absolutely stunning birds on for size.

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Adorable Picture of An AT-AT in a Meadow

What a romantic picnic. It’s so damn cute!

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Oscelots Are F-ing Adorable

As if there were ever any doubt about their cuteness.

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Danbo, The Adorable Box Man

Danbo is an adorable little creature made from tiny Amazon boxes. There are tons of pictures of this little guy over on this Flickr account.

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Dogs Attacking Bubbles

You’ll have to forgive me, I’ve decided that today’s posts should be dedicated to adorable dogs doing silly things. Here are some of them attacking bubbles. If you don’t like dogs, you suck, but you can come back tomorrow for more non-dog content.

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The 10 Scariest Ghost Recordings

While I believe I have had first-hand experience with the paranormal, I also believe that a lot of the “evidence” backing it up is just bull. That’s why I love this Oddee article that lets you decide which recordings are real, and which are fabrications or coincidences.

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Go Pirate Yourself

No, seriously, go make yourself a pirate like my boyfriend in this picture.

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“Reflections” On The Past

It’s hard not to love these amazing pictures of older folks reflecting on their younger selves in the mirror.