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I Guess They Can Take The Sky From You


Firefly is awesome, but the crew of Serenity might be lucky they only lasted one season and a movie -otherwise they might have been caught and that would have been bad news. According to Peter Liss, even the actions they participated in during just the Ariel  heist could put the whole crew behind bars for a very long time and River and Simon could even fact the death penalty!

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10 Charts About Sex

Want to know if someone likes rough or gentle sex without asking them? Try looking for these keywords on their profile. OK Cupid has more great charts on this fascinating blog post.

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Sex In the Middle Ages

You probably already know that in the middle ages sex was looked down upon by the church, but people still had carnal desires. In fact, the dildo was actually invented back in these dark ages. Learn more over on Oddee.

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Six Rad, But Weird, Spring Holidays

Not everyone celebrates spring by hiding colored eggs in the name of a dead carpenter. Here are a few other strange celebrations that seem equally fun.

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Earth: Top To Bottom


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Cool Surreal Staircases

Staircases are usually so boring, but not these ones on WebUrbanist.

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An Abandoned Island In The Center Of NYC

North Brother Island is a completely abandoned island in the heart of one of the most expensive cities in the world. While it is now off limits due to its critical role as a bird sanctuary, the history of the island is truly fascinating, as are the many photos documenting its current, rundown condition.

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Stunning Images of Abandoned Places

Lost America is a gorgeous gallery of abandoned places images from all over the country. If you like the pictures, all taken by the talented Troy Piava, you might also enjoy the coffee table book available on Amazon.


12 Volumes of Wikipedia Edits on Iraq

One of the most fascinating things about Wikipedia is what it means to allow anyone edit an encyclopedia entry at will. While this 12 volume set of Wikipedia changes regarding the Iraq war is certain to provide a unique historical perspective of the event as it happened, the true value of these pages is in physically recording the public’s interest in altering the entry.


100 Facts About the Human Body

Did you know your liver has over 500 functions? That fact and more fascinating tidbits can be seen on this excellent post.

Image via El Tekolote