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Neatoshop Now Has Zombie Stuff

Hey boys and ghouls, if you love Neatorama and zombies, great news, you can now show your adoration for both by supporting Neatorama through your purchase of awesome zombie merch. That’s right, the store has just released their first ever zombie line and you can enjoy your own at home for hardly any money.

If you’re interested in participating in a contest for one of the cool zombie accessories, just leave a comment here and I’ll get one started if I have enough interest.

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Contest: Make Use of This Useless Image

Stock images are useful for writers and editors who need an illustration to illustrate their article. That’s why photographers for stock image websites often try to create pictures that will suit every imaginable situation. The thing is, sometimes it’s impossible to guess just what the image was supposed to illustrate in the first place. BuzzFeed has a collection of 60 great stock images that seem entirely useless, so let’s make a game of it.

You have until May 19th to come up with any type of situation that this image could help illustrate. Winner will receive a can of homemade jam, one of my well-maintained, pre-owned books or $5, your choice.

Animals Giveaways

Congrats to Zeon Santos

He won the Valentine’s Day Kissing Animals contest and will be receiving a free tee shirt courtesy of 604Republic. Zeon entered before we loosened up the entry requirements and even included an adorable photo of kissing marmots found on Sylvain Dudoit’s Flickr stream.

No one has entered on 604’s Flickr account still, so the first person to add their site and then tag any post with #kissingcritters will win a free shirt.

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14 Adorable Animal Kissing Photos

These absolutely precious animals certainly know how to keep things romantic. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we want to see your cutest critter kisses. So we’ve partnered up with the tee-shirt company 604Republic to reward you for showing off your romantic side.

UPDATE: Because we weren’t getting enough entries, we’ve changed the rules of the contest. To enter, just start following 604Republic on Twitter or like their Facebook page, then leave a message on their Facebook page or compose any tweet with the hashtag #kissingcritters. That’s it and good luck.

One person from each service will be chosen at random on Saturday the 19th to win a free tee-shirt of his or her choice from 604Republic –a great gift for your special someone, or a nice way to treat yourself. Winners (and their picture submissions) will be posted here after the contest is over.

Now on with our cute animal pictures:

Image via Spicuzza [Flickr]

Image via Muzina Shanghai [Flickr]

Image via BekiPe [Flickr]

Image via Foxtongue [Flickr]

Image via Lovehate [Flickr]

Image via Muzina Shanghai [Flickr]

Image via Wolfy! [Flickr]

Image via Athene8 [Flickr]

Image via Piez [Flickr]

Image via CornholioLU [Flickr]

Image via zund [Flickr]

Image via Vectorlyme [Flickr]

Image via Magnusvk [Flickr]

Image via Tambako The Jaguar [Flickr]

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Air Sex Championships 2010

Like watching porno actresses work but hate the actual sex? Then the Air Sex World Championships are right down your alley.


Decisions Decisions Contest!

3651560478_5f5979717dFew of you know this, but I have the sick, self-loathing drive to be a stand up comedian. As a result, I get annoyed when people try really hard to be funny and just fall flat…it’s double when the person is a woman because I am annoyed with how unfunny women tend to be.

Anyway, I was listening to the radio this morning and they had a contest where the person with the funniest reasons for their answers to two questions would win a prize. The contestant’s answers were miserable. I know I could do way better and I think you readers could as well.

So, the first person with answers I deem to be funnier than my own will receive a prize -be sure to leave your real email in the comments so I can contact you for your address and whatnot.

Here’s the questions:

What’s the best invention: a hot tub or an internal combustion engine? Same question only: the internet, condoms or birth control?

My answers: An engine is better because it’s a lot easier to clean sperm out of it. The internet’s better because my vibrator is completely useless with the other two.

Can you beat it?

P.S. Image Via Lian Ferrell [Flickr]

Weird Link Contest #1

Time for the second contest ever here at RTD. This time, it’s a weird link contest. You have a week to submit the link to the weirdest site via the “submit a link” tab, in the comments section here or via email The winner will receive Choke, written by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club. And one random participant who also signs up for the RSS feed will win a random cd of my choice…how exciting.

Be sure to include your REAL email address so I can contact you if you win.

All links I like will get featured on RTD and the winner will be chosen exclusively by me mwahahahaha. If things go well, we’ll do this again.


Ouch! Stinging Nettle Eating Contest Winner

These people are insane. They eat nettle for a contest. I’ve touched nettle and that was bad enough. Having it in your mouth? Ack! It makes me shiver. The winner ate a whopping 64 feet of nettle which is nowhere close to the record of 76 feet.

Psychosis is treatable. Seek help people.


Ugliest Dog Contest Winner

Pee Wee MartiniIn one of the world’s newest, meanest, funniest and all-around best competitions, Pee Wee Martini (right) was NOT named “World’s Ugliest Dog.” Personally, I think this little beast of an animal beat out the winner, Gus, by a long shot as far as looks go. I mean look at the crooked nose and mangled tongue -he makes Rosie O’Donnell look good.

But Gus (left) won, and I’m glad he did because he’s got the story behind the title, he has been fighting skin cancer for years and came from a bad home. Plus, he lost his back leg to cancer and an eye to a cat of all things. He’s a lover and a fighter and he will be in the hearts of all who love his little spirit long after the contest. Go Gus!

In related news, Neatorama has the story of Jenny, Britain’s Most Unwanted Dog. Poor Jenny was in the shelter for a whooping 11 years and has only now been adopted. I love this story and the people who were willing to give her a good life after all those years in the shelter. Hooray for Jenny!