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Fake Anything Makes Wonderful Fake Art

If you like vintage-style artwork and fake products from great television shows, then check out the blog.

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12 Awesome Darth Vader Products

In honor of the closing of Comic Con, most of the posts this week will be revolving around delightfully geeky subjects. With that in mind, be sure to enjoy this great collection of items inspired by Darth Vader.

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20 Strange Things You Can Rent

They say money can’t buy you love, but it can apparently rent you a wife.

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14 Unexpectedly Naughty Products

Check out my newest Oddee article, which depicts 14 products you never would have guessed have ulterior sexual uses.

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10 Strange Fetus Products

My newest Oddee article features 10 utterly bizarre fetus products like this fetus Hello Kitty. Enjoy.

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Hilarious Amazon Products And Reviews

Amazon is filled with hilarity as long as you know where to look. Just check out these six bizarro products and these 50 funny reviews.

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Hilarious Warning Labels

You gotta love the fact that manufacturer’s have to protect themselves from the purpose of the actual product. This disclaimer and more funny one can be are on Women’s Day.


12 Cool Chopsticks

If you think chopsticks are boring, you haven’t seen these awesome ones I featured on Oddee.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Tiny Children Are Great Models

What is this, a pool for ants?