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The Cute Guide To Breast Exams

Yesterday we showed you the funniest way for men to remember to check themselves for testicular cancer, today, welcome to the most adorable breast cancer self-check guide ever.

And you thought we didn’t care.

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The Hickey of Death

Ok, to be fair, “The Hickey of Paralysis” might be a little more accurate, but it certainly doesn’t sound as cool. It all started when a woman in New Zealand got a hickey from her boyfriend that happened to occur just on top of a major artery. A few days latter, she suffered a stroke that left her temporarily partially paralyzed. As it turns out, the hickey caused a clot in her neck that released and entered her heart, causing the stroke.

I guess if you really want to practice safe sex these days, hickeys and kisses should be out of the question.

Image via Janek B. [Wikipedia]


Fountains of Blood

These blood fountains were spotted in Romania as part of a hemophilia awareness campaign. They make an equally impressive spectacle for Halloween.


Inside of A Snake Eating A Rat

If you’ve ever wondered what an animal looks like while it is being digested inside of a snake, now you know.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“When I speak it is in order to be heard.” -Roman Jakobson

Fact of the Day:
Despite the horrific display, nearly two-thirds of those who were on board the Hindenburg survived its 1937 mishap. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
Finland’s National Sleepy Head’s Day -The last person in your house to wake up gets doused with a cold bucket of water.

Link of the Day:
The 10 weirdest museums in America. I’ve wanted to visit the burlesque and medical oddity museums for years now.


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