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The Charlie Sheen Quote Generator

Personally, I’ve found myself being one of the handful of people that’s actually backing Team Sheen right now -if for no other reason than the fact that Two and A Half Men was one of the biggest steaming piles on television and anyone who is able to stop production is a friend of mine.

Even so, his lunacy is pretty damn hilarious and the Charlie Sheen Quote Generator is a great way to pass the time by enjoying the best of the worst Sheen quotes from the last month or so.

Here’s one of my faves, “I’m rolling out magic, bro.” Yes you are Charlie, yes you are.

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Ever So Strange

For those readers who love the animal kingdom, but prefer to hear about its oddities over its deadliness, may I suggest Ever So Strange, a brilliant animal blog that specializes in the weirdest natural occurrences on earth.

Not only is the content great, but the writing is delightful. Just check out this excerpt on the sex life of the leopard slug:

They slide down their mucus string, and in mid air each with its enormous penis unsheathed from their head, their kilt-tilters tangle and wind around one another, much in the same way as the slugs themselves. The penises fan out into a rather smashing flower-like structure and they can at this stage exchange sperm. Sometimes the penises will become so entangled that apophallation is the only way to go… one will chew off the others penis. The de-tallywhackered slug will still be able to mate, just only as a lady. Usually, and indeed thankfully, it doesn’t always have to come to this.

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The Deadly Kingdom

Regular readers know I am a big fan of animals, which is why I love Deadly Kingdom, a blog all about the darker side of the animal world. It includes stories of animal attacks and information on especially deadly animals. The site’s author has even published a book by the same name, so you know he’s knowledgeable about this topic.


13 Seriously Stange Collections

The Virtual Shoe Collection has these bizarre shoes with sex toys, taxidermy animals and even more not shown. They are only one of the marvelously strange online collections on this WebUrbanist post.

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Anti-Twitterers Unite

Woofer Web site screen shot.img_assist_custom

Hate Twitter? You may consider MACRO blogging platform Woofer instead. Each post must take at least some bit of thought as there is a minimum of 1400 characters per post. Sure you could just use a normal blog at that point, but woofer is so much more social and so much more of an FU to Twitter. Will it last? Who knows. All I know is it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who hates “mirco blogging.” Those of you who actually follow the blog on Twitter will notice it’s no more than a series of links back to the site here. That’s the only 140 character posts I can get behind.

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Awesome New Website: Swaptree

swaptree_logoI just discovered this site the other day…oddly enough at the advice of my mom…and it rocks. You post a list of things you have and a list of things you want. Whenever somone has what you want and wants what you have, it will help you two set up a trade. You can do games, cds, DVDs and books. I think you should all join and start trading with me. Try it!


Hasbro Word of the Day: “Dildo”

dildoscrabbbThis is too funny, I have no idea how the word ended up in the Scrabble’s word of the day database, but it was actually up on the Hasbro Scrabble site today. Things like this make life worth living.

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Mail Order Husbands

This is by far one of the funniest websites I’ve seen, ever.

These dirt bags are availible at a wide range of prices. I love the compatability test and the article in Mail Order Brides Monthly. This is gold:

“Q: What does it cost the parties involved?

Art: It all depends on the demand. We have an excellent variety of quality bachelors, and the highest demand is for men around 30 years old with lots of hair. For example if you want to order a 52 year old bald man who has bad psioriasis, well then maybe $600.. but say we had a candidate that looked like a young Erik Estrada, well that kind of product doesn’t last long, we typically charge around $9,000.”


Comic Con Updates

Our laptop has been in the shop, so we should start getting more Comic-Con updates in the next few days, but for the time being, perhaps you would like to see a round up of some of the other sites that covered the convention.

Wired has a great collection of tattoos at Comic-con.

The Official Star Wars blog owes it to its readers to have the best Star Wars costumes at the convention.

Joystiq has a variety of costumes, some of which I posted, others I didn’t even see.

CinemaBlend also has some I posted and some I didn’t notice. It’s insane to try to get every costume there -possibly impossible.

Yahoo has a very nice costume gallery. Be sure to see the whole thing.

And lastly, I Am Bored has 13 great pics.


Weird Link Contest #1

Time for the second contest ever here at RTD. This time, it’s a weird link contest. You have a week to submit the link to the weirdest site via the “submit a link” tab, in the comments section here or via email The winner will receive Choke, written by Chuck Palahniuk, author of Fight Club. And one random participant who also signs up for the RSS feed will win a random cd of my choice…how exciting.

Be sure to include your REAL email address so I can contact you if you win.

All links I like will get featured on RTD and the winner will be chosen exclusively by me mwahahahaha. If things go well, we’ll do this again.