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A Holiday To Get Behind

Blogs provide their readers wit countless hours of free enjoyment, but if you really love your favorite blogs, then why not thank the author with a little gift. November 29’s Pay a Blogger Day asks you to give just a little to those who give you so much free content all year long.

If you want to thank this blogger, you can always send a little something to her paypal at or you could send me something on my Amazon wishlist.

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The Funniest Captcha Art Ever

Captchart is a blog dedicated to artworks inspired by funny captchas. Over at Oddee, I recently wrote an article including the 20 funniest captcha art pieces from the site. Enjoy.

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Animals With Stuffed Animals

This just in: baby owls are f-ing adorable. Also just in: baby owls paired with stuffed owls might be able to melt brains with their cuteness. Be warned.

See more dangerously cute animals with stuffed animals here.

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Ever So Strange

For those readers who love the animal kingdom, but prefer to hear about its oddities over its deadliness, may I suggest Ever So Strange, a brilliant animal blog that specializes in the weirdest natural occurrences on earth.

Not only is the content great, but the writing is delightful. Just check out this excerpt on the sex life of the leopard slug:

They slide down their mucus string, and in mid air each with its enormous penis unsheathed from their head, their kilt-tilters tangle and wind around one another, much in the same way as the slugs themselves. The penises fan out into a rather smashing flower-like structure and they can at this stage exchange sperm. Sometimes the penises will become so entangled that apophallation is the only way to go… one will chew off the others penis. The de-tallywhackered slug will still be able to mate, just only as a lady. Usually, and indeed thankfully, it doesn’t always have to come to this.

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The Deadly Kingdom

Regular readers know I am a big fan of animals, which is why I love Deadly Kingdom, a blog all about the darker side of the animal world. It includes stories of animal attacks and information on especially deadly animals. The site’s author has even published a book by the same name, so you know he’s knowledgeable about this topic.

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Literal Pie Chart Via

Looking to add a little more literal meaning to your images? Look no further than the new site from the creator of, It’s delightfully funny.

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The Best of Maru 2010

Maru was voted the internet’s favorite cat this year, so it’s only fitting that Catsparella compiled the best posts from his blog from all of last year. If you don’t keep current on this cute kitty, now’s the purrfect time to catch up.


Yet Another Niche Animal Blog

If pandas partying aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps you’d prefer Turtles Eating Things. Of course, the site isn’t entirely turtle specific…they also have tortoises munching away.


Panda Loves To Party

If you love niche blogs, particularly those involving animals and celebrations, then you’re certain to enjoy Panda Loves To Party, a new Tumbler site dedicated exclusively to pictures of pandas in celebration.

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The Amphibian Avenger

If you’re looking for a great new animal photo blog to follow, the Amphibian Avenger is filled with wonderful photos of an array of South American creatures. The site isn’t updated all too often, but you can always go through the archives to enjoy past adorable images.