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Sexy Pregnant Lady Lingerie

It’s about time they make more efforts to make pregos feel sexy again. Personally, I think pregnant girls are adorable.

Sex Sickening



When I heard about the annual masturbate-a-thon, I was have to admit, I threw up in my mouth a little. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all down for a little self-satisfaction, but doing it for hours in a group in front of an audience, that’s when it starts to be a bit disgusting.

Even more disgusting is that the world record holder for longest time spent jerking it will be participating again in an effort to maintain his title. Sorry, but 9 and a half hours of pulling your pork sounds like an excercise in making yourself never want to do anything sexual again.

If you want to wank yourself while watching others do it, the event can be viewed from home for a mere $30. And thank you Tokyo Mango for making me want to take a shower just because I wrote this blog post. Ewww.

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Bukkake Outlawed In Oregon


Oregon has outlawed the act of propelling “a dangerous substance at another person” -particularly, a substance that is “organic” in nature. The law was enacted after someone threw semen at a women at a Target store. While this is completely wrong and it is a sexual violation, the law doesn’t distinguish between consensual acts and non-consensual. Does our nation really need to have more laws restricting the behavior of consenting adults -even if those acts are gross?

Thanks for the image I’m $partacus.

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Turtle Keeps Has Sex With A Shoe

Turtle sex is so hot and awesome. Not to mention hilarious. Thanks Boing Boing.

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Fun in Japanese Porn Shops

Because I love you dear readers, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite blog posts on any site ever. A trip to a Japanese Sex Shop. Plus, there’s now an update with a link to all sorts of other disturbing sex items from Japan. You’ll either be tickled with humor or disgusted, so it’s certainly worth a trip to the post.

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Worst Idea Ever For Sluts

Online Booty Call is a great site…if you’re a total f-ing whore.

The comercials are pretty trashy, but the idea behind the site is the truly note worthy thing about OBC. It’s exactly what it sounds like, you can go online and find someone to have sex with, strings free…because Craigslist doesn’t give you enough trashy situations. Their slogan is “A dating site for people who want to be single.” You know another a great place to meet singles who want to just fuck you and leave you? Oh yeah, the skeezy bar down the street, that is easy and free -plus the booze helps you drop those pesky feelings of guilt. An online site just can’t get you drunk enough to forget how disgusting you truly are.

All this and more is why Online Beauty Call is another great Stupidest Products Or Idea Ever.

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9 Terrible People to Sex Up

Holy Taco has a hilarious article of 9 people who you just don’t want to sleep with. My favorite is #2, the pussy rock guy. Seriously, never stop the hot action to put on music, especially wussy ass Dave Matthews crap.

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5 Sex Toys That Should Not Exist

I know that human sexuality is a beautiful, bizarre and complex thing, but as accepting and non-judgmental as I try to be, some things are just not right. There are certain sex inventions that should not be created, sold or used. Why someone would invent these things is weird enough, but the fact that all kinds of people are buying them is even stranger.

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Another Lesson in Bad Sex

Note to self, do not hump holes in a park bench and get stuck. It is embarrassing to get caught being not only a pervert, but a weird l0zer. If only this was in front of the Olympic stadium.

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Wow, Just, Wow…or Should I Say Just Wow Wii

A vibrator for your Wii remote that comes in men and women’s designs. Video game sex toys, it’s finally happened.

And I thought my Wii was fun NOW.