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Why Isn’t American Airlines Offering Beds And Blowjobs?

Pssh, free wifi, that’s nothing. You could be getting a bj, or at least that’s what RyanAir thinks. The low cost, cut-throat airline popularized by pure Eurotrash will surely be pulling in even more trash now. In a shocking interview -even the translator was too stunned to talk, Michael O’Leary, head of the airline, suggested that passengers traveling business class will be betting head on the flight. He didn’t mention anything about getting face, so I wonder if lady passengers will be outta luck.

The cost of the flight will be between about $6000 and $8000 (yes, you read that right). Of course, passengers flying economy, sans beds or oral sex will only have to shell out around $16 plus tax.

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Spray On Condoms Look Like A Blast -Knuck Knuck Knuck

So all joking aside, having a spray on condom is a cool idea. They dry in 25 seconds and can fit everything to a mouse to an elephant wang . Besides bestiality purposes, normal humans can find some good use for these as well. The article says that people are worried it won’t be romantic. What’s not romantic about shaking a can and spraying it around your lover’s junk? Oh yeah, but I’m one of those weirdos that thinks sex shouldn’t always be dead serious. Oh well.

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Ema Enema: A Short Story

Here’s a silly story I wrote a long time ago with some very adult themes. It has a bit of a fairy tale edge to it, so it reads pleasantly. Let me know if you like it, many people will be weirded out by it.

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The Perfect Book On Odd Fetishes: The Deviant’s Pocket Guide

The BookThe Deviant’s Pocket Guide To The Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained In Your Subconscious is a glorious exploration into freeky deeky sexuality.

The old favorites, BDSM, necrophillia, etc., are all represented well here, but there’s so much more to love. As someone who loves searching the net to observe as many strange and funny obsessions as possible, it means a lot to say that this book has many fetishes I had never even thought of -such as nasophillia, the obsession of noses.

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Cinderella Undercover

I wrote this a few years ago as my own answer to the traditional Cinderella story so many young girls adopt for their life’s road map. It’s a little feministic, but mostly silly. It’s also a bit long, so be forewarned.

Cinderella scoured away at the bathroom floor as she watched her sisters and stepmother follow the coachman out the front door.

“I wish I could go to the ball,” she said, “I know I could win Prince Charming’s heart and escape my overbearing, hateful family.”

“I don’t think you really wish that,” whispered a voice in the corner of the room.