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Sex In the Middle Ages

You probably already know that in the middle ages sex was looked down upon by the church, but people still had carnal desires. In fact, the dildo was actually invented back in these dark ages. Learn more over on Oddee.

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The World’s Ickiest Sex Toys

Do you want a zombie or vampire dildo? Then you’re sick. But you also happen to be in luck, here’s a list of the grossest ones ever.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Bad Product Design, Wow!

5ba8016a03293533_etfingerE.T. Finger…right. Funny, because I swear I saw some really hot lesbians giving each other some E.T. fingers the other day in a movie. They must have been trying to heal each other, yeah, that’s it…heal each other.

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5 Sex Toys That Should Not Exist

I know that human sexuality is a beautiful, bizarre and complex thing, but as accepting and non-judgmental as I try to be, some things are just not right. There are certain sex inventions that should not be created, sold or used. Why someone would invent these things is weird enough, but the fact that all kinds of people are buying them is even stranger.