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The 6 Creepiest Things In Your DNA

Did you know you can give birth to your own sibling’s child if you happen to have killed them and absorbed them in the womb? Read about this and more disturbing facts here.

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7 Amazing Carnivorous Plants

I don’t know about you, but I have always found carnivorous plants to be fascinating. Unfortunately, it seems all we ever hear about are pitcher plants and Venus fly traps. This great article on WebEcoist covers seven different plants of this type, each of which are just as fascinating as the best known of the group.

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An Egg Decorating Machine

Is decorating you Easter eggs becoming too monotonous? Step into the future with the automatic egg decorating machine, the Egg Bot.

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Stop Breathing: You’re Doing It Wrong

You’ll never believe that most humans sleep, poop, even breathe wrong…until you read this Cracked article that tells you why.

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Insane Soviet Space Stories

When you read this article on Cracked, you’ll have no further questions about how we won the space race.

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The Cute Guide To Breast Exams

Yesterday we showed you the funniest way for men to remember to check themselves for testicular cancer, today, welcome to the most adorable breast cancer self-check guide ever.

And you thought we didn’t care.

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Earth: Top To Bottom


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Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pi Die

Happy National Pi Day! Here are some fun ways to celebrate.

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An Unzipped Road In Japan

If you wanted to know how powerful the 8.9 earthquake in Japan was, just look at what it did to this road.

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Pregnancy Facts You Don’t Know

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing…except for all the hideous and disgusting parts. Learn more about the things no one tells you here.