Interesting Science

Stop Breathing: You’re Doing It Wrong

You’ll never believe that most humans sleep, poop, even breathe wrong…until you read this Cracked article that tells you why.

Art Interesting

Naked Bodies Turned Into Nature Art

Cecelia Webber uses nude human bodies to portray gorgeous natural structures. Check out more of her images over on Environmental Graffiti.

Nature Science

The Weirdest Allergies Ever

The picture above isn’t a scar from an attention hungry cutter, but a sort of rash experienced by someone who has allergic reactions to skin pressure. While intimacy must be a nightmare, it’s nice that she can at least make light of the situation. Read more about this condition and other odd allergies in this Mental Floss article.


100 Facts About the Human Body

Did you know your liver has over 500 functions? That fact and more fascinating tidbits can be seen on this excellent post.

Image via El Tekolote