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8 Awesome Adult Halloween Costumes

I’ve already featured plenty of kid and pet costumes here, but here are some great adult costumes, including this Sputnik 2 one, which requires both man and beast.

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Insane Soviet Space Stories

When you read this article on Cracked, you’ll have no further questions about how we won the space race.

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Banksy Bails Out Russian Graffiti Artists

Aside from traveling the world tagging everywhere he visits, writing Simpsons storyboards and making movies, Banksy is also busy helping other graffiti artists around the world. He recently bailed two Russian artists out of jail as well. Read more about the fascinating story here.

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Siberean Foxes For Adoption

Years ago, scientists in the USSR set out to discover how quickly a selectively bred animal could start to become domesticated. They started with red foxes and the offspring soon started to have gentler, friendlier personalities and their looks started to change as well. They started turning silver.

After the fall of communism, the scientists lost their funding and started selling offspring of the domesticated foxes as pets in order to further their research. You can buy your own for just under $6,000.


Stunning Photos of Beautiful Buildings

Whether or not Russia is home to the world’s most beautiful buildings is a matter of personal taste, but it is hard to argue that these images of the buildings are anything short of breathtaking.


The Tackiest Cemetery On Earth

Nothing says class like a tombstone showing you with your pimped out car and listing your mafia name. The Yekaterinburg cemetery isn’t limited to just one or two of these trashy graves though, it’s filled with multiple deceased mafiosos:

In the 1990s, Yekaterinburg was known as ‘The crime capital of Russia.’ Many of the leaders of the Russian Mafia lived there and Shirokorechenskoe Cemetery was the final resting place for many of them. Very expensive tombs, black marble, precious stones, laser-engraved images and life-size granite gravestones are common here. The nicknames of the deceased mobsters are engraved along with some of the things they were known for: He was an expert in using knifes.

For more strange and hilarious graveyards, check out the rest of the list here.


Adaptation of Moscow Strays

Moscow’s stray dogs have adapted in remarkable ways to the city’s infastructure. This article details how they will ride the subway and get off at their desired stop, how they cross city streets according to the lights and they have mastered the art of begging. The whole concept is very interesting.

On a somewhat unrelated note, if you’re into dogs, be sure to visit Muttskis if you haven’t already.


Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.” -Vladimir Nabokov

Fact of the Day:
The only U.S. president to have been the head of a union was Ronald Reagan, former president of the Screen Actors Guild. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
International Left Hander’s Day –better head for the Leftorium, you freakish “South pawers.”

Link of the Day:
Soviet poster blog, they look really cool. I love the old artwork they used.


20 MORE Abandoned Buildings & Places

I’m a little obsessed with these buildings & places that have been forgotten about. Maybe I’m just trying to push my inner urban explorer to check out the abandoned psychiatric facility and the crumbling amusement park around my neck of the woods. This set has some really good ones, so go check them out.


Enema Statue Unveiled At Russian Health Spa

Enema Statue FunA lot of my current traffic is brought in from people searching for enema stories, thanks to my innocent Ema Enema story. As a result, I thought this story would be an appropriate addition for you strange enema affectionados.

Neatorama has the story of a health spa in Russia that has unveiled a beautiful statue to celebrate their long time use of the enema as a healing practice. Goes the quote:

“We administer enemas nearly every day,” said Alexander Kharchenko, the head of the sanatorium which specializes in treating illnesses of the digestion tract.

“So, I thought, why not use our sense of humor and give it a monument,” he said of the bronze statue that stands about 1.5 meters high.

More power to you Khacrchenko. If you’re interested, the full story can be found here.