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I Find Your Boob Dividers Disturbing

As a woman, sometimes you want to play with your own breasts and sometimes you want your lover to do so…but rarely do you want baby hands to arise from your cleavage in order to help you lift and separate.

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The Cute Guide To Breast Exams

Yesterday we showed you the funniest way for men to remember to check themselves for testicular cancer, today, welcome to the most adorable breast cancer self-check guide ever.

And you thought we didn’t care.


Hold On To Your Barf Bags


Because marvelous man boobs is one of those revolting blogs that you just can’t stop reading. Marvel at these big beauties and then stare with both shock and awe at Jack Nicholson’s bountiful bosom.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Titty Milk Ice Cream?

In case you still weren’t sure if PETA was full of complete psychopaths, you may enjoy knowing that they recently wrote Ben and Jerrys requesting they start using breast milk in their ice cream instead of cow milk. They claim that since cow milk was never meant for humans, it shouldn’t be used in ice cream. B&J’s may be liberal, but they aren’t morons, so they told PETA where they could stick it…in much nicer terms. -For more info.


Grossly Awesome

Old people body parts. It’s awesome how the eyes look all kinds of directions.

Thanks Gigglesugar.