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The 5 Horrible Exercise Side Effects

Sure we all want to look a little better naked, but not at the cost of shitting ourselves or destroying our sex organs.

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The 6 Creepiest Things In Your DNA

Did you know you can give birth to your own sibling’s child if you happen to have killed them and absorbed them in the womb? Read about this and more disturbing facts here.

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The Cute Guide To Breast Exams

Yesterday we showed you the funniest way for men to remember to check themselves for testicular cancer, today, welcome to the most adorable breast cancer self-check guide ever.

And you thought we didn’t care.

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The Best Health PSA Ever

Dr. ZDogg wants to make sure you check yourself monthly for testicular abnormalities and he has the best possible way to help you remember.

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Drugs Are Good For You

Ok, well not all drugs are good for all people, but this article over at Oddee has some interesting ways that illegal drugs may be surprisingly good for some people in terms of medicine.

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Seriously Strange Performance Enhancers

If you want to do well in sports, the secret is to practice and train hard, but if you aren’t a big fan of doing things the hard way, there are always performance enhancers. Of course, if you can’t get your hands on some ‘roids, you can always try some of these bizarre performance enhancers, including strychnine, guinea pig sperm and arsenic.

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The Weirdest Allergies Ever

The picture above isn’t a scar from an attention hungry cutter, but a sort of rash experienced by someone who has allergic reactions to skin pressure. While intimacy must be a nightmare, it’s nice that she can at least make light of the situation. Read more about this condition and other odd allergies in this Mental Floss article.