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Great Dads of the Animal Kingdom

Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. To celebrate, enjoy this great Mental Floss article featuring a few unsung dads of the animal kingdom. My favorite though is Fraizer the lion who was adopted by a pride of lionesses and sired a variety of cubs while he was in retirement at an animal reserve.

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Movies Recreated With Easter Eggs

Say Anything, Jaws and more here.

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Weird Easter Celebrations Around The World

The people of Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia must love to whip people. After all, they beat people for both Christmas and Easter. What a wonderful way to celebrate religious holidays. Check out more Easter traditions from around the world on this Mirror UK article.

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Cthulhu’s Easter Bunny

What happens when you mix H.P. Lovecraft with the Easter Bunny? You get Buntacles, a brilliant creation of Phineas X. Jones.

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Six Rad, But Weird, Spring Holidays

Not everyone celebrates spring by hiding colored eggs in the name of a dead carpenter. Here are a few other strange celebrations that seem equally fun.

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Easter Egg Balloons

Tired of decorating eggs? Try balloons instead.

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Fun Ways To Celebrate National Pi Die

Happy National Pi Day! Here are some fun ways to celebrate.

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Maximizing Pumpkin Longevity

Ever wonder how to prolong your beautiful jack-o-lantern from becoming a pile of mush? My Science Project has taken a fascinating look at common remedies for pumpkin preservation and found that applying bleach and Pumpkin Fresh are the two best means for preservation, but that applying nothing to the pumpkin can also be a safe option. I only wish they tried WD-40, which was suggested by Extreme Pumpkin master Tom Nardone.

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RTD Halloween Extravaganza!

Good news! In honor of the coolest holiday in America, we’re going to be exclusively limiting our content to Halloween-related topics this week. Hope you enjoy the festivities.

As long as I’m making one of these rare site announcements, I’d also like to ask if any of our regular readers know anything about Word Press layouts. Specifically how to make my archives look like the homepage instead of a list like they appear now.