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Now There’s A Tree To Remember

Even the malls in Japan are infinitely cooler than those in America.

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Awesome Cookie Packaging

I want this Japanese cookie now!

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7 Animal Station Masters

You may have already heard of Tama, Japan’s famous feline stationmaster, but since her success, many other animals have been honored with the position. WebEcoist has more on the monkeys, dogs, goats and more who have become stationmasters in their home towns.

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Japan’s Most Hardcore Badass

Hideaki Akaiwa swam through a flooded city to rescue his wife from drowning, then he went back in to get his mother. Read the amazing story on Bad Ass of The Week, which has written it up in such a brilliant way, including bits like this, “I’m sure you’re wondering what the fuck is more intense than commandeering a wet suit, face-punching a tsunami and dragging your wife of two decades out of the flooded wreckage of your home, but, no shit, it gets even better.”

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An Unzipped Road In Japan

If you wanted to know how powerful the 8.9 earthquake in Japan was, just look at what it did to this road.

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Amazingly Awesome Bento Boxes

Seriously, how rad is this Bioshock bento box? See more awesome video game themed bento boxes here.

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Awesome Ways To Make Anime Real

If you’ve ever read a manga or watched an anime and thought about how much you’d like to hump one of the characters, then you’ll totally relate with this article I wrote on Oddee about weird ways to bring anime into your real life.

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Meet Tokyo’s Newest Police Dog

She’s rough. She’s tough. She’s about 7 pounds wet. Meet Peach, the newest K9 member of the Japanese police force. While she may not be effective at running down Yakuza members on the streets, she’s one of the best search and rescue dogs on the team.

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Monkeys Appointed Station Masters

Tama, the station kitty, is no longer the only animal employee of the Japanese railroad, now two monkeys share the honor.


12 Cool Chopsticks

If you think chopsticks are boring, you haven’t seen these awesome ones I featured on Oddee.