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The D20 Planter


The website only talks about how these are pretty geometric planters, but any geek realizes how much the sides of this thing need some white numbers painted on the side to make it a true D20 planter.

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Apparently Hummingbirds Love Weed

Yet another reason for little old ladies to start growing massive fields of pot plants. They’ll have so much fun watching the hummingbirds get high.

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Amazing Gardens Of Math and Death

I’m a terrible gardener, but I love plants, which is why I was so fascinated by this great article featuring a variety of incredible gardens, including this one -the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.

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7 Amazing Carnivorous Plants

I don’t know about you, but I have always found carnivorous plants to be fascinating. Unfortunately, it seems all we ever hear about are pitcher plants and Venus fly traps. This great article on WebEcoist covers seven different plants of this type, each of which are just as fascinating as the best known of the group.

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The Scientfic Reasoning Behind Fall Folliage

Ever wonder why leaves change color in the fall? The short answer is that Earth’s tilt reduces the amount of sun these trees get, decreasing their chlorophyll and allowing the other colors in the leaves to come through. For a more detailed explanation, check out this awesome Environmental Graffiti article filled with beautiful photos like the one above by sigusr0.


Some seriously Weird Flora

Divine Caroline has posted the 8 weirdest plants on earth. These things look like they belong in video games and the Adam’s family movies.