Finalists for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists


Nature photography is incredible and inspirational -except when it isn’t and when it comes to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, it most certainly isn’t.


Their photo contest is entirely too hilarious and you won’t want to miss the contest’s 2016 finalists, which include the silly shots featured here and many, many more.

de VAULX Nicolas draguignan Phone: 0952115610 Email: Title: Damn ! Description: A pelican was flying over our small boat. The fisherman was playing with him and threw him a fish. The pelican caught it but he lost it a few minutes later. I like his sheepish look on his face… Animal: Pelecanus crispus Location of shot: Kerkini Lake ( Greece )

Celebrate the derp and enjoy the fact that it’s only natural to occasionally take really bad pictures.

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Happy World Turtle Day


You may not have known today is World Turtle Day, but now that you know, don’t you just want to hug a turtle? Well, if you’re terrified of salmonella or if you just can’t find a turtle within hugging distance, these 20 cute turtle pics are the next best thing.

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It’s Too Late For The Lonely Dodo

But there is still time to save these other endangered species from becoming the next lonely creature of their species with the help of the kind people at

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These Cats Are Ready For Love


It’s heard to hide your true feelings when you wear your heart on your sleeve…errr, fur. But it’s hard not to love these sweet little kitties.

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WTF, Evolution?


WTF, Evolution is a great new blog that criticizes some of evolution’s most bizarre designs. For example the text for the guy above reads:

“Hey! Hey! I think I finally made something cute.”

“Oh, yeah? Let’s see.”

“It’s a ‘shoebill.’ It’s big and blue and adorable. Nice, right?”

“It’s… hm. I don’t know. I like the blue, but something about those eyes is kind of creeping me out right now.”

“What? Come on. Those are friendly eyes. It wants to be your friend.”

“Okay. Okay, yeah. You’re right, evolution, I’m sorry. Should I feed it, maybe? What does it eat?”

“Baby crocodiles.”

“Oh Jesus Christ.”

Yes, it is wonderful.

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True Facts About The Snail

And you thought the way they looked was disgusting.

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9 Animals That Are Having More Fun Than You


Having a bad day? Just remember, you could be a helpless animal at the whims of mother nature…on the other hand, you could be one of these species that has practically nothing to worry about in its day to life and has a blast while doing it. Reincarnation, don’t steer me wrong on my next life. Please, please make me a house cat.

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20 Freaking Adorable Photos and Videos of X mas Animals



My newest feature on Oddee features some of the cutest and cuddliest critters ever born celebrating the holiday in style. Enjoy!





I Am Bat Kitty

Just look at that amazing batman logo on the kitty’s mug. He can fight off bad guys for me any day.

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15 Adorable & Odd Things On Leashes

From heads of lettuce to pigs and even fishes, this list of bizarre things on leashes certainly lives up to its title.