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That’s A Party I Want to Go To


If I went to a party where this was on center display, I think I’d punch anyone who tried to eat a Peep.

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Kitty Says “Happy Easter”

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Even More Peeps Dioramas

While some of these have been covered on the other Peeps diorama posts I linked to, there are a few new ones, like the Jersey Peeps.

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Cross Stitched Eggs

Sure died Easter eggs look cool, but they certainly can’t compete with these artistic eggs.

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Peeps Mood Rings

By removing the “jewel” from your ring pop and using the post to skewer a Peep, you can make your very own Peeps mood rings.

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What Peeps Are Really Made Of

Enjoy your insulation foam kiddos.

Geekery Holidays Science

An Egg Decorating Machine

Is decorating you Easter eggs becoming too monotonous? Step into the future with the automatic egg decorating machine, the Egg Bot.

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Movies Recreated With Easter Eggs

Say Anything, Jaws and more here.

Funny Holidays

The World’s Worst Easter Bunnies

While some of these pics aren’t that bad, this one can give full-grown men nightmares.

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Weird Easter Celebrations Around The World

The people of Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia must love to whip people. After all, they beat people for both Christmas and Easter. What a wonderful way to celebrate religious holidays. Check out more Easter traditions from around the world on this Mirror UK article.