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Rage of Thrones

Come on, everyone knows the book was better! But then, the book is always better, isn’t it?

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The Steampunk Sonic Screwdriver Book Wedding Bouquet


How do you celebrate your love of Doctor Who, steampunk and reading in your wedding without spelling everything out? Make a bouquet featuring book pages, a sonic screwdriver and brass steampunk goodness like Flickr user Elsa S. In case you’re curious, the pages came from Sherlock Holmes tales.

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10 Seriously Strange Pieces of Literary Merchandise


For the love of god, no!!!

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That’s One Good Looking Nazgul

Yes, that is a Lord of the Rings pin up tattoo with Sauron and a Nazgul. Got a problem with that?

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Horton Hears A Cthulhu

When Dr. Seuss and H.P. Lovecraft combine, magic is made.

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Yelp Reviews For Places You Can’t Go

Fans of American Psycho will recognize Dorsia as one of Patrick Bateman’s favorite places to hang out. Of course, it’s not real, which makes its listing on Yelp a great inside joke for anyone familiar with the story. Read about more fake and funny Yelp pages over at Mental Floss.

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10 Books That Were Originally Rejected

Everyone gets rejected at some point, whether it’s when applying for a job, submitting a manuscript or something else. But rest assured, you are not alone and even some of the greatest writers on earth have had their books rejected before.

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A Hillariously Twisted Kid’s Dictionary

Finally a delightfully demented children’s dictionary to torture the innocent amongst us.

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Go The Fuck To Sleep

Finally a storybook for exhausted parents to curl up with before bedtime.

The cats nestle close to their kittens now.
The lambs have laid down with the sheep.
You’re cozy and warm in your bed, my dear
Please go the fuck to sleep.

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Embroidered Book Covers

The artwork on this book looks great, but when you realize it’s made completely from embroidered thread, it becomes even more impressive.