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Win Christmas This Year With This Stormtrooper Sled


It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but experts are already arguing over what will be the hottest toys of the holiday season. Many have their money on the remote-controlled BB-8 that can be controlled with a smartphone. All experts agree that anything Star Wars is a pretty safe bet when it comes to the most popular toys of the season. That being said, if I was a kid, I’d be all about this amazing Star Wars sled for sale on It not only looks cool, but it can also be controlled with handlebars, making it a lot easier to operate than classic sleds. The fact that it’s only $100 also makes it a much more practical toy than many of the other options out there.

Heck, I only wish it had a higher carrying capacity than 150 pounds so I could use it even now as an adult. If I could just lose a few dozen pounds I’d be good to go.

(This post has been sponsored by, though I really do endorse this awesome product)

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My Little Cephalopod



My Little Ponies might be fun, but for some, the very notion of them being ponies is just too juvenile and cutesie. For that contingent, My Little Cephalopod by DeviantArt user Mimblex is a welcome alternative with all the allure and amazement a knitted squid can offer.

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You Can Finally Cuddle With Grumpy Cat


If you’re like me, seeing Tard’s little grumpy face just makes you want to hug her. That’s why this Grumpy Cat plush is such a great idea.

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Don’t Cuddle These Guys Too Closely


What these UndeadTeds lack in cute they make up for in awesome creepiness and gore.

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Some Seriously Precious Geek Plushies

gotham villians plush toys

If you need something cute to play with or to snuggle with at night, but can’t stand the thought of a boring old teddy bear, then these plushies by Etsy seller Deadly Sweet Plushes is a great place to get your fill.

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Amazingly Geeky and Cute Plushies

slimer ghostbusters plush toy

Etsy seller Jennifer sells amazingly cute and funny plushies from your favorite geek movies and shows.

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Adorable Spooky Sock Monkeys

Unfortunately, these adorable little guys are already all sold out, but they’re still fun to look at online.

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More Delightful Pop Culture Ponies

Mari Kasurinen is a great designer of My Little Ponies and her website gallery is filled with fun and delightful ones like this.

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The Anatomy of A Toy

Artist Jason Freeny’s toy anatomy sculptures are both delightful and morbid. Check out more over at BuzzFeed.

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Get Your Own Action Figure

The Japanese company Clone Factory doesn’t need your DNA to make an eerily close copy of you -just a few photographs should suffice. While the Neatoshop sells bobbleheads based on your pics, they aren’t nearly as creepy as these action figures because they manage to stay on the safe side of the uncanny valley. As a bonus, the Neatorama bobbleheads never cost more than $238, but the clone factory charges around $1,700 for your new toy.