Comic Con Updates

A few extra sites chronicling the success that was Comic Con.

Our laptop has been in the shop, so we should start getting more Comic-Con updates in the next few days, but for the time being, perhaps you would like to see a round up of some of the other sites that covered the convention.

Wired has a great collection of tattoos at Comic-con.

The Official Star Wars blog owes it to its readers to have the best Star Wars costumes at the convention.

Joystiq has a variety of costumes, some of which I posted, others I didn’t even see.

CinemaBlend also has some I posted and some I didn’t notice. It’s insane to try to get every costume there -possibly impossible.

Yahoo has a very nice costume gallery. Be sure to see the whole thing.

And lastly, I Am Bored has 13 great pics.

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