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Idiot-Stopping Captchas

I think I need these on Rue The Day and I KNOW they need these over at Neatorama.

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Anti-Twitterers Unite

Woofer Web site screen shot.img_assist_custom

Hate Twitter? You may consider MACRO blogging platform Woofer instead. Each post must take at least some bit of thought as there is a minimum of 1400 characters per post. Sure you could just use a normal blog at that point, but woofer is so much more social and so much more of an FU to Twitter. Will it last? Who knows. All I know is it’s nice to see I’m not the only one who hates “mirco blogging.” Those of you who actually follow the blog on Twitter will notice it’s no more than a series of links back to the site here. That’s the only 140 character posts I can get behind.


Flashback To Stupidity

Rue The Day wasn’t around when this came out, but it is still one of the greatest internet videos around. Remember when Miss South Carolina tried to explain why most Americans couldn’t find America on a map and somehow she brought “The Iraq” and South Africa into her answer about U.S. Americans not having maps? Ahhh, the moron still makes us smile.

I can’t help but really enjoy the subway map made to follow her train of thought. Thank you Morning Toast for making sense of this mess of “knowledge.”


I know there are some models and beauty pagent contestants out there that actually are intelligent, but with things like this video, at least they know why no one takes them seriously.