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Hot New Internet Trend In China – The Underboob Pen Challenge


It seems the Chinese want to give the Japanese a run for their money when it comes to having a strange, and somewhat pervy, sense of humor, and thanks to the internet they get to share their strange obsessions with the world.

Their most recent viral pic sensation- boob pen. That’s right, stick a pen or pencil under your boob, snap a (generally not nude) pic and share it on social media.


What anyone but the pen gets out of this is beyond me, but the fun loving yet fickle nature of the internet almost guarantees this will become a thing across the globe for an internet minute.

Luckily, some women have already seen through this cup size shaming posing as a social media trend and have begun tucking pens and pencils under far less racy folds of skin.


And don’t forget about the fellas who came to show the world that boob pen isn’t just for the ladies. Why, that man has magical mammaries!


See China’s ‘Underboob Pen Challenge’ Is The Viral Meme That Won’t Let Go here

Comic-Con Geekery Hotties

The Sexiest Dudes at the 2016 SDCC

sexy sdcc cosplay (1)

sexy sdcc cosplay (5)

sexy sdcc cosplay (12)

sexy sdcc cosplay (14)

Art Geekery Hotties

Amazing Bodypaint Artworks

Halloween may be long past, but it’s never too late to appreciate these sexy and artistic bodypaint costumes.

Comic-Con Hotties RTD Original

25 More Pics of Sexy Comic Con Cosplay Girls

It’s that time again. Time for pictures of geeky boys and hot girls masquerading their hearts out at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

I got so many photos this year, I’ve decided to break up the sexy girl photos from the rest so you can have your eye candy now and get your nerd on later.

X Men Fatale:

J-Style Cosplayers:

Wonderful Wonder Woman:

Smokin’ Super Woman:

More Sexy Super Heroines:

Villainous Heart Breakers:

Just Straight Sexy:

Adorable Animals:

Warrior Babes:

Sweet Steampunk:


Safe For Work Porn – Watch more free videos

This is seriously hilarious. Porn photoshoped to be safe for work.

Comic-Con Entertainment Geekery RTD Original

Comic Con Costumes 2008

PhotobucketComic Con this year was awesome and it was a thrill to document all the cool junk going on. While there will be a few posts, including some awesome interviews, this post will be all about the costumes of Comic Con. Keep reading in the future so you can see the coolest Comic Con merch, the hottest comic con girls, interviews with writer of the upcoming animated movie Igor, Emily the Strange’s creator, The Fairly Odd Parent’s creator and more!

The costumes vary from dorky to awesome to lazy to sexy and everywhere in between. Just take a look for yourself. Be sure to click on any you like to see the full image.
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you like this post, feel free to check out my 25 hotties at Comic Con post, which has more hot costumes and just some hot nerds.

New Products or Services Sex

Wow, Just, Wow…or Should I Say Just Wow Wii

A vibrator for your Wii remote that comes in men and women’s designs. Video game sex toys, it’s finally happened.

And I thought my Wii was fun NOW.


First (albeit lame) Give Away


So I have this weird scald-safe invention I have no use for at all. But I hate just throwing things away. Who wants one? First commenter gets one -be sure to use your real email so I can contact you for your info and what not. Oh, and US addresses only please. I can’t afford international shipping right now.

I’ll be clearing my house of more things soon, so stay tuned for some books and more.

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