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Fetish Art By Superman Creator

I love that the co-creator of Superman did some awesome fetish art. They look fantastic and it’s so subversive. Take a look.

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Fun in Japanese Porn Shops

Because I love you dear readers, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite blog posts on any site ever. A trip to a Japanese Sex Shop. Plus, there’s now an update with a link to all sorts of other disturbing sex items from Japan. You’ll either be tickled with humor or disgusted, so it’s certainly worth a trip to the post.

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Spray On Condoms Look Like A Blast -Knuck Knuck Knuck

So all joking aside, having a spray on condom is a cool idea. They dry in 25 seconds and can fit everything to a mouse to an elephant wang . Besides bestiality purposes, normal humans can find some good use for these as well. The article says that people are worried it won’t be romantic. What’s not romantic about shaking a can and spraying it around your lover’s junk? Oh yeah, but I’m one of those weirdos that thinks sex shouldn’t always be dead serious. Oh well.


Enema Statue Unveiled At Russian Health Spa

Enema Statue FunA lot of my current traffic is brought in from people searching for enema stories, thanks to my innocent Ema Enema story. As a result, I thought this story would be an appropriate addition for you strange enema affectionados.

Neatorama has the story of a health spa in Russia that has unveiled a beautiful statue to celebrate their long time use of the enema as a healing practice. Goes the quote:

“We administer enemas nearly every day,” said Alexander Kharchenko, the head of the sanatorium which specializes in treating illnesses of the digestion tract.

“So, I thought, why not use our sense of humor and give it a monument,” he said of the bronze statue that stands about 1.5 meters high.

More power to you Khacrchenko. If you’re interested, the full story can be found here.

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Ema Enema: A Short Story

Here’s a silly story I wrote a long time ago with some very adult themes. It has a bit of a fairy tale edge to it, so it reads pleasantly. Let me know if you like it, many people will be weirded out by it.

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Cinderella Undercover

I wrote this a few years ago as my own answer to the traditional Cinderella story so many young girls adopt for their life’s road map. It’s a little feministic, but mostly silly. It’s also a bit long, so be forewarned.

Cinderella scoured away at the bathroom floor as she watched her sisters and stepmother follow the coachman out the front door.

“I wish I could go to the ball,” she said, “I know I could win Prince Charming’s heart and escape my overbearing, hateful family.”

“I don’t think you really wish that,” whispered a voice in the corner of the room.