Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Ultimately Stupid Criminal

Over on Weird Stuff News, I just wrote the story of the world’s stupidest criminal. I can’t paraphrase the article better than I wrote it the first time over there. Read and enjoy:


Bad idea #1: Don’t date someone you suspect might be downloading child porn on to your computer.

Bad idea #2: Don’t do disgusting & illegal things with a dog when you’re drunk.

Bad idea #3: If you do take part in #2, don’t video tape it.

Bad idea #4: If you do take part in #2 & 3, don’t upload it to your computer and then just put it in the recycle bin once you realize you don’t want that video.

Bad idea #5: Don’t drink in public when you’re on probation for a DUI.

The Worst Idea Ever: When you are in jail for violating #5, don’t ask the police to check your computer for child porn (based on #1) when you still have videos of yourself making love to a dog in the computer’s Recycle Bin (#’s 2, 3 & 4). You will get arrested for beastaility and prove yourself to be one of the stupidest criminals on Earth.

All I can say is “wow,” and thank you Yes But No But Yes.

Sex Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Worst Idea Ever For Sluts

Online Booty Call is a great site…if you’re a total f-ing whore.

The comercials are pretty trashy, but the idea behind the site is the truly note worthy thing about OBC. It’s exactly what it sounds like, you can go online and find someone to have sex with, strings free…because Craigslist doesn’t give you enough trashy situations. Their slogan is “A dating site for people who want to be single.” You know another a great place to meet singles who want to just fuck you and leave you? Oh yeah, the skeezy bar down the street, that is easy and free -plus the booze helps you drop those pesky feelings of guilt. An online site just can’t get you drunk enough to forget how disgusting you truly are.

All this and more is why Online Beauty Call is another great Stupidest Products Or Idea Ever.