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I Would Pay To See This

I’d even put a small wager on Jack, not because I think he’d actually win, but because the odds against him must be huge.

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Amazingly Geeky and Cute Plushies

slimer ghostbusters plush toy

Etsy seller Jennifer sells amazingly cute and funny plushies from your favorite geek movies and shows.

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It’s Always Sunny Fan Art

If you love the delectably raunchy goodness that is It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, then don’t mess this hilarious and awesome collection of fan art dedicated to the show.

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18 Cool Firefly Facts

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30 Portraits of Ron Swanson

BuzzFeed has 30 Awesome pictures of Parks & Rec’s Ron Swanson. If you like the show, you almost certainly love Ron.

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An Awesome TARDIS Cafe

Personally, I don’t even like coffee, but I would drink it every day if it meant getting to buy it from the TARDIS.

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Reversed Gender Adventure Tme

According to The Mary Sue, the full-length episode will premiere on September 5. Personally, I can’t wait!

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Homer Simpson Blotter Art

Now that’s trippy.

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Morgan Freeman Before Shawshank

You’ve gotta love these commercials starring celebrities before they were famous.

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6 TV Shows That Have Saved Lives

For most people, television serves no purpose other than mindless entertainment. On occasion, some people even find television shows to be educational. But in these six very bizarre instances, television actually managed to save people’s lives.