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An Awesome TARDIS Cafe

Personally, I don’t even like coffee, but I would drink it every day if it meant getting to buy it from the TARDIS.

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Twin Peaks Coffee Commercials

If you like the weirdness that is Twin Peaks then you’ll love this great coffee ad made by David Lynch using the cast and style of the great show. Check out the rest here.


Latte Art Has Never Been Better


This blog has a great collection of latte foam artwork on it. The pikachu one is probably not the best as far as art goes, but I’m a sucker for the little critter. Go check them out.

Daily Goodness Sickening

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“It is our responsibilities, not ourselves, that we should take seriously.” -Peter Ustinov

Fact of the Day:
Using an orange-handled coffee pot to denote decaffeinated brew dates back to

Photo by Flickr user Wha'ppen
Photo by Flickr user Whappen

1923, when General Foods first introduced Sanka. As a promotional gimmick, they provided restaurants and diners with orange-y pots that matched the orange packaging of their decaf coffee. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
Global Forgiveness Day –I’m sensing a lot of forgiving this month…man, we must have f* up the rest of the year.

Link of the Day:
If you dug a hole through the world, you probably won’t end up in China (unless you live in Argentina). To find out where you would actually end up, try this site. I’d be in the ocean near Madagascar.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Salt Water and Crab Flavored Coffees?

The Deadliest Catch is releasing their own coffee line, The Deadliest Brew. Yes, you heard that right, the people who catch crabs in the artic want to sell you coffee. I don’t know about you, but I want coffee to remind me of death, tidal waves and rotting fish.

Yum yum.

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