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My Little Cephalopod



My Little Ponies might be fun, but for some, the very notion of them being ponies is just too juvenile and cutesie. For that contingent, My Little Cephalopod by DeviantArt user Mimblex is a welcome alternative with all the allure and amazement a knitted squid can offer.

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Don’t Cuddle These Guys Too Closely


What these UndeadTeds lack in cute they make up for in awesome creepiness and gore.

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Beware Bunny Krueger


Once sweet, innocent and fluffy, this monster now stalks the dreams of unsuspecting children, hoping to murder their plushies as they sleep.

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Some Seriously Precious Geek Plushies

gotham villians plush toys

If you need something cute to play with or to snuggle with at night, but can’t stand the thought of a boring old teddy bear, then these plushies by Etsy seller Deadly Sweet Plushes is a great place to get your fill.

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Amazingly Geeky and Cute Plushies

slimer ghostbusters plush toy

Etsy seller Jennifer sells amazingly cute and funny plushies from your favorite geek movies and shows.

Animals Art

Adorable Animal Mini-Mes

Is there anything cuter than these adorable puppies paired with their little replicas?

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Beware the Pikathulhu

I desperately need this awesome pikathulhu plushie. Anyone know more about it?

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Plush Angler Fish

Why make your kiddos the same boring plushies they could buy at the store, when you could make them an awesome light-up plush angler fish instead? It is not only cute, it will also get them more interested in science and double as a nightlight. Not bad for a plushie, huh?

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Felted Peeps Plushies

felted peeps bunnies

If you didn’t like the clean lines of those last Peeps plushies, try buying  the felted version here.


Plushies With Vaginas


These stuffed bears are sold with the intention of your being able to use them to teach children about the human vagina. However, it doesn’t take a total freak to see a much more insane and much less sanitary use for them.