Go Peanutize Yourself!



Ever wish you could go to school with Charlie, Lucy and Peppermint Patty? Well, you may not be able to actually enter the world of a boy named Chuck and his pup Snoopy, but you can at least pretend with this delightful tool available on

The one above is me and it might just be the closest I will get to hanging out with Snoopy -which makes me happy with the results.

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Carpark Reminds You It’s Not Nice to Tease

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Before we even get started here, the dog lover in me would just like to point out that you should never ever leave your dog in the car, even with the window rolled down and especially with it up. That being said, if you do see a dog in someone else’s car, you shouldn’t mock it. If you do, hopefully you’ll get what’s coming to you, whether it’s what happens to the man in this cute cartoon or someone taunting you when circumstances leave you with a broken lock that results in you being locked in somewhere.

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Delightfully Terrible Disney Paintings

Rodolfo Loaiza’s Disasterland series features an array of famous Disney characters in not so Disney situations. You can see these great works in person at the Los Angeles’ La Luz De Jesus Gallery. Of course, if you just can’t live without them, you can always fork over a few grand to bring one home.

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Punk & Metal Disney Princesses

By now, you’ve almost certainly seen hipster princesses, but what happens when they turn to a darker subculture?

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How Nyan Cat Was Born

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The Saddest, Cutest Cartoon Ever

Aww, poor little kitty. I would watch your YouTube video.

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Kill The Fruit!

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Hipster Harry Potter Characters

They’re so much more identifiable this way.

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The Anatomy of A Toy

Artist Jason Freeny’s toy anatomy sculptures are both delightful and morbid. Check out more over at BuzzFeed.

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Winnie The Pooh Needs Meds

Very good chart, Dan Meth.