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If Firefly Had House Sigils


Maybe Firefly and Game of Thrones could develop a spin off show together…like the time the Flintstones and the Jetsons met, only filled with way more crime and violence.

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I Guess They Can Take The Sky From You


Firefly is awesome, but the crew of Serenity might be lucky they only lasted one season and a movie -otherwise they might have been caught and that would have been bad news. According to Peter Liss, even the actions they participated in during just the Ariel  heist could put the whole crew behind bars for a very long time and River and Simon could even fact the death penalty!

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A Firefly Themed Wedding


Inara and Mal look absolutely amazing in their wedding photo pictures. Great job Doug and Madelinne!

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A Wonderful Firefly Tribute


Today’s great Ript Apparel tee features Calvin and Hobbes impersonating the wonderful characters of Mal and Jayne from Firefly. Ahhh the delight!

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18 Cool Firefly Facts