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15 Awesome Portraits of Hunter S. Thompson

Because a man that weird deserved artwork in his name to be equally wonderfully bizarre.

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It’s Always Sunny Fan Art

If you love the delectably raunchy goodness that is It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, then don’t mess this hilarious and awesome collection of fan art dedicated to the show.

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Even More Awesome Fan Art

If BuzzFeed keeps up their fan art posting pace I’ll have to make linking to it into a weekly feature.

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More Awesome Fan Art

I know I’ve been posting at least one fan art gallery per week on the site lately, but that’s because so many of them are so awesome -like this great image of Van Gogh’s nightmares. So enjoy another one!

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Even More Delightfully Geeky Fan Art

If you like funny fan art like this, be sure to catch this great BuzzFeed collection.