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Breaking Bad: The Alternative Ending

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You probably thought Breaking Bad was the story of a chemistry teacher who turns to cooking meth in order to provide for his family after he dies from cancer. As it turns out though, the show was really just a really dark Malcolm in the Middle spin off show.

Via Laughing Squid

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Disco The Parakeet Loves to Rock Out

He almost knows every word to these classic theme songs…almost.

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Tastier Than A Plane Crash


Redditor Hollyicing made this incredible, edible replica of the burnt bear from Breaking Bad for her friend’s birthday she even used fire to help make the charred bits. All I can say is, Holly, will you be my friend?

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11 Awesome TARDISes In Real Life


Who doesn’t want to sleep in the TARDIS? Especially when it actually has an image of the interior before it’s opened all the way. Brilliant.


Can You Legally Kill Zombies?

San Diego defense lawyer Peter M. Liss says “sort of.”

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If the Doctors Were In Futurama

No, it’s not just a Doctor Who joke, there are all kinds of great doctors here, although Ten is the best!

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MST3000 Was Never This Sexy Before

Is it just me, or do they need to revamp the show with people acting out the roles of robots?

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These Are The Sweaters of Our Lives

Until now, you’ve probably never realized what an impact these sweaters made on you throughout the years. But face it, you recognized all of them. Learn more about the sweaters here.

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12 Awesome Paper Dolls

Who says paper dolls are just for kids? When you come across dolls as cool as these any sensible adult will want to play dress up.

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Brokeback Seinfeld: A Great Parody