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The Ultimate Geek Escalator

The only problem is that it doesn’t turn into a triangle, it just rolls off screen. Still, I’d ride the crap out of that escalator.

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Amazing Darth Vader Statue

This gorgeous Darth Vader statue was made with a variety of random metal parts, including spoons for the eyes. It was put together by artist Alain Bellino who has more amazing metal sculptures over at the link.


To Bravely Go Where No Mailbox Has Gone Before

I have no idea where this amazing tribute to Star Trek happens to be located, but it is certainly impressive.

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Adorable Doctor Who Tees For Sale

TeeFury and LOLmart both have great Doctor Who inspired shirts for sale today. There’s only a few more hours to buy the Horton Hears the Doctor shirt above, but the Doctor Mew shirt below will be available for the rest of the week.

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16 Awesome Geek Gifts

Looking for a great gift for your favorite nerd? Look no further than the selection in this great Oddee article.

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The Sexiest Cosplay Costumes Ever

There are tons of sexy cosplayers out there, but let’s face it. Not many of them have the figures to match their characters of choice. Belle Chere is a notable exception as you can see in this amazing gallery over at Gamma Squad.


The Ultimate Epic Win

In honor of my own birthday, here is one of the most epic artworks ever made. Sadly, I am not this epic at all.

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Fake Anything Makes Wonderful Fake Art

If you like vintage-style artwork and fake products from great television shows, then check out the blog.

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Amazingly Geeky and Cute Plushies

slimer ghostbusters plush toy

Etsy seller Jennifer sells amazingly cute and funny plushies from your favorite geek movies and shows.

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15 Geeky Baby Costumes

They’re absolutely adorable, but they’re also perfect choices for geeky parents to inflict upon their youngsters.