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Travel Posters Featuring Imaginary Creatures


The art of retro travel posters is simply fantastic, but it can be made better -especially when you start adding in mythological creatures like the chupacabra, bigfoot and more. Suddenly, I really want to visit Puerto Rico.

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Damn You Hobbitses, Work On Those Resolutions


Ever wonder what PSAs would look like if they were put up around The Shire? These Dorkly posters will give you a pretty good idea -and they’re freaking hilarious.

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If Star Wars Was Actually a 60’s Western

We all know that Han Shot first, but that information would be even more important if it was in a quick draw. That’s why these Western-style Star Wars posters by Timothy Anderson are so perfect -they really capture the way the movies would go if they were set in the Old West instead of a galaxy far, far away.

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If Memes Had Movie Posters

They would almost certainly look like this poster series by Stefan Von Zoggel.

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I Would Pay To See This

I’d even put a small wager on Jack, not because I think he’d actually win, but because the odds against him must be huge.

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Arrested Development Posters

Now that the movie has officially been announced, here are a few great posters based on classic movies.

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WWII Propaganda…Now With Dinos

If you’re looking for some of the best mock-propaganda artwork coming out in the next few months, look no further than these awesome dinosaur propaganda posters themed after WWII.

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Panda Revolution!

What happens when you combine classic revolutionary posters with pandas? Pure adorable awesomeness! I would join just about any army recruiting with these posters.

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Have You Seen This Turtle?

If you have, watch out!

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Awesome Star Wars PSA Posters

These great Star Wars PSA by Susanna Wolff are both entertaining and educational.