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Let The Kink Be With You


Looking to get a little freaky deaky with your favorite Jedi? Then head over to Geek Kink Labs, where you can buy whips, paddles and bondage gear based on Star Wars, Doctor Who, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and other popular geek sources.


Personally, I’m rather partial to the TARDIS paddle.


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An Absolutely Adorable TARDIS/Doctor Combo


Riding on a motorized scooter gave this gal a great opportunity to match her cosplay costume with this adorable little Doctor.

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11 Awesome TARDISes In Real Life


Who doesn’t want to sleep in the TARDIS? Especially when it actually has an image of the interior before it’s opened all the way. Brilliant.

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Doctor Who Sock Five Pack


Hot Topic is always a trend hopper, which means occasionally they catch onto something that actually is pretty awesome. In this case, it happens to be these awesome Doctor Who socks and other awesome Doctor Who merchandise. Better grab yours soon, who knows when the next Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj take over the store again.

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Exterminate Christmas!

In honor of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special, get ready for geeky holiday fun with your very own Doctor Who ornaments courtesy of BBC America.

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TARDIS Balloons

Whoever made this needs to work as a clown at my next birthday party.

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An Awesome TARDIS Cafe

Personally, I don’t even like coffee, but I would drink it every day if it meant getting to buy it from the TARDIS.

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Tardis Room Door

I need this at my house.

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The Coolest Murphy Bed Ever

Not only does this TARDIS bed look awesome, it also has working lights and a telephone built into it.