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8 Hilarious Legal Looks At Fictional Issues


Ever wondered if Iron Man could get a DUI, zombies are legally responsible for the people they kill or the Ghost Busters could be accused of falsely imprisoning ghosts? Then you’ll love this great Oddee article answering all the questions you might have about fictional legal issues, as explored by real lawyers.


Can You Legally Kill Zombies?

San Diego defense lawyer Peter M. Liss says “sort of.”

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Tons of Ghoulishly Good Zombie Tattoos

From old school designs to new school zombies, Mole Empire has an epic collection of some of the best zombie tattoos ever inked.

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13 Pregnant Zombies

Zombies are always scary, but there’s something absolutely horrifying about a pregnant zombie with a living dead placenta and fetus. Here are 13 such monstrosities.

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The Walken Dead

What happens when the world starts to become infected with Christopher Walken quoting zombies.

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Awesome Zombie Sandals

I love the zombie selection at the Neatoshop, but a lot of the items aren’t all the necessary for my everyday life. On the other hand, these zombie foot slippers sure are.

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Neatoshop Now Has Zombie Stuff

Hey boys and ghouls, if you love Neatorama and zombies, great news, you can now show your adoration for both by supporting Neatorama through your purchase of awesome zombie merch. That’s right, the store has just released their first ever zombie line and you can enjoy your own at home for hardly any money.

If you’re interested in participating in a contest for one of the cool zombie accessories, just leave a comment here and I’ll get one started if I have enough interest.

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Chocolate Zombie Bunnies

Looking for something a little special to give the kids for Easter this year? Why not give them a deliciously undead zombie bunny?

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Zombie Drive Through

Why bother with all the hassle of murder and stalking when you can just throw down a quarter for a hefty serving of warm, hearty brains? Of course, this is only useful for zombies in St. Louis. The rest of you can continue on your murderous rampages.

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A Sweet Calendar

Check out this sweet papercraft zombie calendar. You can make one yourself if you have the time.