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8 Hilarious Legal Looks At Fictional Issues


Ever wondered if Iron Man could get a DUI, zombies are legally responsible for the people they kill or the Ghost Busters could be accused of falsely imprisoning ghosts? Then you’ll love this great Oddee article answering all the questions you might have about fictional legal issues, as explored by real lawyers.

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Breaking Cat


Depending on how you feel about cats, this incarnation of Walter White will either seem utterly adorable or even more terrifying than “the one who knocks.” Either way, George the Cat does a great impression of Heisenberg.

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True Facts About the Tarsier

Spoiler alert: they’re insane!

Geekery Graffiti Humor

Delightfully Sarcastic Sign Graffiti

Enjoy more here.

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Kitty Kills Doppleganger Balloon

Take that!


Naughty Bird Houses

Ever wonder what bird houses in the slums look like? Wonder no more thanks to artist Jeff Canham.


What NOT to Get Your Mother This Sunday

Mother’s Day is coming up and while I’m working hard to promote my post Environmental Graffiti, I would love for you to read this article about terrible Mother’s Day gifts I wrote for InventorSpot.


Get Your Fill of Assholism

That’s right, starting last week and continuing on a weekly basis (hopefully) from here on out is our sister blog, The A*holes Guide to Etiquette. Take a look at the new content and let me know what you think.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“The intelligent man finds almost everything ridiculous, the sensible man hardly anything.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Fact of the Day:
The man on the can of Chef Boy-ar-dee was a real person. Hector Boiardi was a gourmet chef at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
National Tequila Day -This could be problematic.

Link of the Day:
Ack! Creepy nature. To be more specific, the 30 Creepiest Trees in the world.


Terrorism Is Delicious At Buns And Guns

A new burger joint in Beirut has opened with a terrorist theme. Order burgers to the audio of gunfire -no, really, they’re doing that, and the walls are decorated with fake guns and camoflauge. Try a “rocket propelled grenade” -a.k.a. a chicken skewer.

For more info, visit the Metro article.